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Tooling Design
Our Design and Engineering Departments work closely with our Customers at the project design stage in order to assure complete Customer Satisfaction.  Quotations are issued after reviewing and resolving any "ease in manufacturing"  issues associated with the project with our Customer.
All Class A carbide-inserted Progressive and Fourslide dies are designed and built in-house to allow for ease in maintenance with our Life of Program guarantee. Our extensive experience helps us to accurately predict and schedule die maintenance to assure consistent quality components.
Our Tool Design Department has decades of experience with High Speed Stamping and Fourslide tooling. The use of CADKEY Design Software optimizes design time and assures accuracy. Our tool and die personnel have extensive experience in the manufacture of "Long Life" carbide tooling. Combined with Wire EDM, our finished tooling is well suited to our "Life of Program" tooling guarantee. Our customers are never expected to pay tool refurbishing costs no matter how many parts are produced.
Our Modular tooling designs allow for "Families" of parts to be produced in the same die with interchangeable inserts allowing our customers to enjoy reduced tooling costs.
By incorporating our modular tooling designs new parts are designed, where possible, into existing tools for extreme cost savings.
Micro Matrix Systems builds all to our exacting in-house specifications to provide quality parts that meet each customer's requirements.
By building all tooling in-house, we are able to continually track each measurement to ensure precise and consistent part accuracy that enables us to always meet lead-time commitments.
Life of Program tooling guarantee:
Our customers are never charged for refurbishment
Our tools are constantly maintained to assure consistent quality parts
Run after run, whether the requirement is for thousands or
      billions of pieces, our Customers have peace of mind
      knowing they are receiving quality parts without additional
      cost for tool maintenance
Fourslide and Progressive Die Making
Fourslide and Progressive Dies

Fourslide and Progressive Die Making
CADKEY Design Software